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By leveraging SRIG’s industrial advantage, Guangrun Logistics consolidates different customer demands in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain; at the same time, the company constantly increase logistics efficiency, reduce costs through building the commerce and trade logistics, in order to build a modern comprehensive logistics system integrating commodity products procurement, sales, and transportation.
  • Supply Chain Managemen

    Supply chain management includes planning, procurement, manufacturing and delivery. Planning: Guangrun Logistics has established a set of measures to monito More

  • Procurement and trade

    Guangrun Logistics provides solutions to problems like high production capacity, high energy consumption, low performance, weak demands, and broken capital c More

  • Modern Comprehensive L

    By leveraging SRIG’s advantage in highway networks, the company will further develop the market and make the industry more prosper, so as to provide more ef More

  • Supply Chain Financing

    As part of Sichuan Railway Investment Group, Guangrun Logistics was founded from logistics supply chain management and developed to a financing platform for More

  • International Trade

    The company’s international trade business covers mineral products, chemical products, metal materials, etc. The company actively embraces the “Internet Pl More

  • Auto Service

    Chengdu Qixin Auto Service was founded in 2003 as a joint-equity enterprise. Covering a land area of 42 mu (28,000 square meters) and a net area of 34.5 mu, More

  • Oil products retail &

    We have cooperated with Juneng Natural Gas Company to acquire Southern Huada stock share and Jiangyou Oil Depot and build a oil reserve base. In terms of ret More