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Supply chain management includes planning, procurement, manufacturing and delivery.

Planning: Guangrun Logistics has established a set of measures to monitor the supply chain so as to ensure effective delivery of high-quality and high-value products and services with low costs.

Procurement: Guangrun Logistics chooses product and service providers, sets up a set of procedures including pricing, delivery and payment while constantly monitoring and improving the management. It also integrates the whole management procedures in providing products and services, including goods delivery, lists checking, and making the payment on behalf of the customers.

Manufacturing: Guangrun Logistics also organizes the manufacturing, testing and packaging of the products. Specifically, it helps test the quality, quantity and workers’ efficiency.

Delivery: By leveraging SRIG’s sophisticated railway and road transportation network, Guangrun Logistics can quickly handle the order receipts, establish storehouse networks and product pricing system, and receive the payment.